About us


On January 1, 2010, the dream of La Vida came true. La Vida's CEO and owner, Janne Lykkeberg Nilsson, had by this time worked in the home accessories industry for 12 ½ years and had a clear vision for La Vida's concept: wholesale sales of two annual, beautiful and cozy home accessories collections. The company's name comes from Janne's passion for the Spanish language. La Vida means life, and the word's strong and beautiful associations can precisely be transferred to the foundation of La Vida, which represented a big and exciting leap in life.

Focus on good, efficient customer service

Since La Vida's first years, we have gone through a huge development. Today we are at our head office on Lundvej 24 in Horsens. Our dedicated employees work hard to create a great customer experience with focus on great products and a solid partnership. Directly opposite the office premises is our large warehouse. Here, the employees emphasize packing all the lovely home accessories quickly, but carefully. This way you receive your items as soon as possible, securely packed and ready to be sold to your own customers. Our team consists not only of the employees at the head office, but also of our skilled and experienced sales representatives. Via our sales and agent network, we are well represented in most of Europe and throughout Scandinavia.

Two ranges per year filled with beautiful and romantic home accessories

Our Spring/Summer collection and Autumn/Christmas collection are both aimed at end customers who want beautiful and romantic home accessories. During the preparation of the collections, we always make sure to create a well-considered range that is adjusted in colours and materials. All La Vida's products can be mixed and matched so that the end customers can create their very own style at home.

La Vida's vision

We are an attractive, professional and digital B2B company and are our retailers' preferred supplier of home accessories. Customers can be sure that, with a strong focus on good merchandising, we spot attractive products that are put together and presented in a beautiful way.

Our values

At La Vida, we have a saying that constitutes a clear, red thread in all of our work: Teamwork makes the dream work. Everyone at La Vida is equally important for the company to do well. By standing together and helping each other, we reach our goals. Service-minded, passionate, orderly and team-oriented are values ​​that all La Vida employees stand by and are proud to emphasize in all of the work that we do.